Developing a reading habit

The girl loves books. Everytime she sees a book, she browses through it and pretends reading... Sometimes she asks us about what she "reads." She holds books more than gadgets without us implying... 

How I planned a baby shower for my wife

Traditionally, baby showers are surprise private parties arranged by friends of the mother-to-be. And before it was an exclusive women-only party.  Ours was a bit non-traditional. Raqz (the wife) and I planned the party.  But of course, I secretly left some room for a little surprise.

Why kids are afraid of mascots

I think mascots are really for parents - most of the time.

I'm not too sure if the babies are really excited to see them. What I'm sure is, when parents see mascots, we stop what we're doing, hurriedly run towards them... and have a picture taken with or without the approval of our little ones.

Her first movie house experience didn't go out well

I thought, at her age of 2 years and 7 months, she'll be fine at the cinema. So we brought her to the premier night of Shaun the Sheep at VOX Cinema Mall of the Emirates.  We're very excited. It's her first ever movie, and our first in 3 years. Our family friend who brought their 5 year old and 1 year old kids joined us.

We came in about 15 minutes ahead of schedule. Only few people were inside. Aya was playfully going up and down the stairways, moving from one seat to another, jumping endlessly and dragging me to run after her.

How I try to avoid Happy Meal

Driving thru McDonald's was a poor choice whenever I leave office late and will know that I'd go hungry on heavy traffic. Lately though, instead of my usual quarter pounder or double cheese, I was asking for chicken burger / nuggets and apple juice... yes, the Happy Meal.

Dubai International Kite Festival 2015

Kites, indeed, is a visual poetry in motion.  If you hadn't flown a kite in your childhood, you might have not had a great one, as they say ;-)

Waiting for Santa family brunch at Liwan Al Ghurair Rotana

It's very rare that a toddler would enjoy brunches as much as parents would.  I'm not actually keen of dining out these days as our 2-year old daughter wouldn't just settle quietly in her baby chair - she'd roam around the restaurant and would touch everything - and we have to switch turns in eating and running after our doll.

Not the case when we're at Liwan Restaurant's Waiting for Santa brunch though.